/med.sin/ by Nina Makelberge

Spending her childhood years in Asia, Nina recalls her first confrontation with art and things of beauty among the everyday sceneries - among Malay women’s silk dresses, in the meticulous dance-like presentation of meals, on the beach among the scattered shells waiting to be picked and then displayed on the bedside table, but also in her home where European objects coexisted in strange euphony with the exotic pieces her parents collected over the years. With a family background in the antique’s trade, the merging of her European roots with influences from her upbringing in India, Malaysia, Korea are the foundations behind Médecine’s world and her design practice. With admiration for craftsmanship and time-honored skills, Nina infuses her designs and interiors with a captivating mix of cultural heritage, juxtapositions and artistic flair, always compelled by the question: what makes an object wanted to be held ..either in hand or in desire..

Apart from her curation of antiques and designing her own line of artisan-made objects, Nina’s work includes interior design services, working for some of the most discerning clients in the country, and visual and creative direction, including collaborations for Vogue, Hermès, ELLE Decoration, Svoboda & Williams a Christie’s Affiliate and others.

Based in Prague, but residing often in southern Sweden with her husband a Swedish artist and composer, their son and their rascal of a French bulldog.



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