How to care for your vintage rug

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The beautiful works of art that rugs are, it’s worth knowing what makes them last as long as possible.

  1. Rotate your rug every couple of years to ensure that the rug gets evenly worn out.
  2. Give it some shade. Too much sun exposure over extended period of time might fade the colors.
  3. Keep your rug away from too much moisture. If it gets wet, prop it up and let it dry out completely before laying it back on the floor.

How to care for a rug

  1. Vacuum. Remove everyday dirt that otherwise wears down the pile. No need to use the bristles as it might over time also wear out the pile.
  2. Roll up the rug with the pile facing down. Prop sideways and bang it out which allows for dirt and small particles to fall out.
  3. Clean spills immediately by blotting the area. Place a towel under the rug and pour warm water through it until the stain rinses out. You might want to test dampening an small area with a cloth to ensure that colors don’t bleed. If they do, leave the job to a professional rug cleaner.

How to clean a rug

  1. Check with a damp cloth that the colors don’t bleed when damp. If they do, it’s better to contact a professional rug cleaner.
  2. Use a mild baby shampoo like Johnson & Johnson’s, that way colors won’t bleed and materials won’t break. There’s a natural gloss and oil in the wool, just like hair that might dry when using too many chemicals. That makes the wool brittle.
  3. Rinse it thoroughly with a hose after washing and leave out to dry, preferable hanging in the sun or lay out flat in your driveway.

How to store a rug

  1. Wrap the rug in breathable cotton fabric, not plastic. Air the rug out every two months or so. Check to make sure the storage area is still dry and not exposed to humidity.
  2. Use cedar shavings or lemon zest to repel moths.
  3. If you find moths, lay the rug flat in sunlight where you walk as they hate movement and sunlight.
  4. Leave it out during winter (when temperatures are below zero degrees) to kill moths, worms and moth-eggs or bring it to a professional rug cleaner.


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