61°09'35.7"N 145°45'48.4"W

61°09'35.7"N 145°45'48.4"W

Large framed photographic print by Viktor Jelínek

156 x 106 cm

Limited series of 5

The “Beyond Our Horizon” series combine vision and our imagination to inspire us to discover unique moments in everyday life. Its task is to extend the well-known environment by the endless discovery of hidden layers, details and new connections, thus creating a space for a safe exploration of a deeper meaning behind each picture.

Captured: 2019, Alaska
Printed: 2020, Prague

Archival pigment photographic print Sihle Fine Art Matte Cotton Paper 320g/m2

Signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of originality. Handcrafted birch white glaze frame with museum glass included.

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