Celia 107 x 167
Celia 107 x 167
Celia 107 x 167
42.000,00 Kč

Celia 107 x 167


Origin: Morocco

Age: Mid 20th century

Pile: Good 

167 x 107 cm

Unique, playful piece with red and pink colors and orange accents and black and white geometric motifs. In a great condition overall and with a yellow fringe.

These rugs with their rectangular compositions woven by the Moroccan women are religious works designed to repel negative spiritual powers. For their nomadic makers the carpets provided both physical and metaphysical protection. The designs that most frequently appear in Moroccan rugs are traditional and ancient, passed down from weaver to weaver. The woman making the rug decides the pattern, telling her personal life story through the choice of symbols, and thereby making every rug unique - a very liberating tradition promoting artistic freedom in its purest sense.

Because of the nature of these antique handmade rugs, irregularities are likely to exist and are not considered defects.

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